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Carpet Boom Type 3MTD

Carpet Boom Type 3MTD The carpet boom 3MTD is an efficient tool that makes it easy to handle rolls of carpet and suchlike with a forklift truck.

The boom distinguishes itself by being the only one on the market that has been improved in order to minimise the risk of damaging the load and to optimise the performance. Because of the improvement the driver now has a good view through the back plate.

The design of the bushing allows the actual boom to be replaced. This enables a different length of boom to be used.

The e-l-m carpet boom can be easily fastened to the forklift truck by the use of a standard ISO 2328 hook from categories 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Furthermore, special mountings for mounting directly onto the forks of the forklift truck are available.

Carpet Boom Type 3MTD

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Quick Connect for hooked-on devices.

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