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Rotating Bale Clamps 360° Type REHBK

Rotating Bale Clamps 360° Type REHBK Rotating Bale Clamp Type REHBK, for transporting bales of paper, plastic and other materials.

  • Rotation 360° 
  • Clamping between jaws 
  • Suitable for handling bales and other solid materials 
  • High strength, robust design
  • Low operating costs
  • Long life
  • Fixed jaws 
  • Strong ribs for excellent grip

Rotating bale clamps are designed for transporting goods by clamping them between jaws, when the load also needs to be rotated/turned.

The unit is especially suitable for handling bales of paper, plastic and other material in the production or recycling industries etc.

It also offers the advantage of a large opening area across the width of the frame.

The design with tubular frame and sliding axles offers good stability, enabling it to operate in harsh environments (e.g. on a recycling site in industry) while the strong design keeps operating costs low.




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Rotating Bale Clamps 360° Type REHBK

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