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Clamp Unit with Sideshift Type HB

Clamp Unit with Sideshift Type HB The Clamp Unit Type HB, is constructed for transporting goods by clamping. Can be equipped with many types of "tools".

  • Can be equipped with the required tools
  • High flexibility
  • High residual capacity
  • Clamp with sideshift
  • High strength, robust design 
  • Low operating costs
  • Long life

The HB Clamp Unit is built for the transport of goods by clamping and can be equipped with many different types of "tools".

The unit has high flexibility and versatility. It also offers the advantage of a large opening area across the width of the frame.

The design with tubular frame and sliding axles offers good stability, enabling it to operate in harsh environments (e.g. in the recycling industry etc.), and operating costs are low.

The HB Clamp Unit with sideshift does not require significant maintenance.

The HB Clamp Unit is available with capacities ranging from 1,800kg up to 12,000kg in width, as per your requirements, and can be either supplied mounted to standard carriages to ISO 2328 or integrated in the truck mast, which provides for a better view and high residual capacity due to the more compact front construction.



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Clamp Unit with Sideshift Type HB

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