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Integrated Fork Positioner with Sideshift Type IGGS 16,000 - 24,000kg

Integrated Fork Positioner for large Heavy Duty performance trucks with demanding tasks.

Integrated Fork Positioner with Lift-Drop Fork Type IGGS 32,000kg

Fork positioner with Heavy Duty levelling lift-drop fork for large trucks working on uneven ground.

Rotating Fork Positioner Type REH

Rotating Fork Positioner Type REH, is a combined fork positioner and rotator 360°.

Rotator 360° Type RE

The Rotator Type RE with 360° rotation for unloading containers, vessels, boxes or other types of containers.

Integrated Fork Positioner with Load Stabiliser

Load stabiliser in a Heavy Duty-edition for the secure transport of unwieldy loads under difficult circumstances.

Bale Clamp Type LHBMF and LHBMU

The Bale Clamp Type LHBMF/LHBMU for large forklift trucks is suitable for the transportation of paper, plastic, metal, coal or other kinds of material.

Large Boom

Extra large boom for carrying very large pipes (for instance pipes for district heating) on a large forklift truck.

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