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Integrated Fork Positioner with Telescopic Forks Type IFPF-TFP

Integrated Fork Positioner with Telescopic Forks Type IFPF-TFP Integrated fork positioner with precision and noiseless operation. The Integrated Fork Positioner is supplied with telescopic forks which provide an optimal balance between view, solid construction and flexibility.

  • Precision and noiseless operation with pintype IFPF fork positioner
  • Combi attachment, making the truck multi-flexible
  • Sideshift, fork positioning and hydraulic telescope of forks in the same attachment
  • Low lost load centre due to integration of fork positioner and telescopic forks
  • Pallet handling for double shelving units
  • Unloading and loading from trucks, train carriages etc. from one side
  • Uniquely high residual capacity
  • Capacity up to 5000kg

The e-l-m-combination of fork positioner and telescopic forks is unique.

The IFPF gives you the opportunity to place goods on double deep pallet racks and effectively load/unload a truck from one side with forks that hydraulically move the freight to the desired position. You do not have to change between regular pallet driving and attached fork extensions when performing the different tasks.

The attachment combines the best qualities of the IFPF Fork Positioner with the TFP and TFS telescopic forks, resulting in an effective increase of the truck’s functionality. e-l-m gives you the opportunity to sideshift, move and extend forks hydraulically without affecting the good view and, especially, the residual capacity of the truck. The telescopic forks are fully integrated in the fork positioner without hoses that could otherwise become caught or obscure the view over the attachment.

The combi attachment of e-l-m offers the highest residual capacity on the market, and the strong telescopic forks mean that it is the last diagram of the truck that dictates the load capacity – the telescopic forks are ahead of the truck in strength.

The e-l-m combi attachment can be supplied with e-l-m Wireless preassembled ex works in order to minimise the mounting costs, optimise the view through the mast, and lower the operational costs of wear and impact from the hose reel and cable reel.


Integrated Fork Positioner with Telescopic Forks Type IFPF-TFP

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