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Rotating Fork Positioner Type REH

Rotating Fork Positioner Type REH Rotating Fork Positioner Type REH, is a combined fork positioner and rotator 360°.

  • Combined fork positioner, sideshift and rotator
  • Free view optimised and simple design
  • Bear ring that gives high load capacity and long life
  • Hooks cl. 2, 3, 4 or 5, ISO 2328

The Rotating Fork Positioner REH has been developed to meet the demand for turning different types of goods 360°. The REH is also usable as a regular fork positioner between the special tasks of rotating goods.

If the need is there, sideshift is always integrated in the design. This enables additional functionality by building a third hydraulic function on the REH. This can be attained using the wireless system, e-l-m Wireless.

The REH is an extremely solid construction, built from e-l-m’s popular IFPF pintype Fork Positioner. With the REH, both the top and bottom move on shaft as with the top of the IFPF Fork. The cylinders are also from the fork positioner programme, which means that the quantity of spare parts is kept to a minimum.

The REH is available up to 8t in capacity. Here as always, it is important to choose an attachment of the correct size because the stated size is the residual capacity of the attachment and not the truck’s nominal capacity with standard carriage and attached forks. As an example, an REH 60XX could be the right choice for an 8t truck but not an REH 80XX because of tare and lost load centre.



Rotating Fork Positioner Type REH

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