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Forks for Fish Box

Forks for Fish Box

The Fork for Fish Boxes is a fork with millings suitable for such items as fish boxes etc.

The boxes hang in the millings of the forks, so there is a minimal clamp pressure on the boxes.

Transportation is carried out without pallets.

The Forks for Fish Boxes are made according to the job specification.

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Forks for Fish Box

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The Fork Clamp with Rotating Forks Types HKD/HBD, are supplied with pressure adjustment valves and in-built sideshift. For transporting goods by clamping between rotating forks.

Load rotator, type RELV, with 360° continuous rotation for transporting goods by clamping between forks or for pallet transport on forks when the load needs to be continuously rotated/turned.

This fork is suitable for industries in which there are requirements for cleanliness (stainless) and safety (spark free).

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