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Telescopic Forks Type TFP

Telescopic Forks Type TFP Telescopic Forks Type TFP with minimal bending, low energy consumption and maximal pulling power and strength.

  • Optimised free view
  • Integrated synchronisation
  • Easy mounting
  • Service-friendly design
  • Saves storage capacity, time and money 
TFP forks allow you to place goods on double deep pallet racks and effectively load/unload a truck from one side with forks that hydraulically move the freight to the desired position as well as with goods that demand different fork lengths. There is no need to change between regular pallet driving and attached fork extensions when you perform the different tasks.

TFP telescopic forks from e-l-m offer the highest residual capacity on the market. The strong construction means that it is the last diagram of the truck that dictates the load capacity – the telescopic forks are ahead of the truck in strength with increased load centre.

In order to increase the daily utility, the telescopic forks are designed to bend minimally. This means that the truck driver does not (or at least only slightly) feel the difference between solid forks and telescopic forks. TFP gives you an opportunity to make better use of the storage capacity with less distance between the shelves because of the minimal bending of the TFP compared with rival forks on the market.

e-l-m’s TFP telescopic forks give you 40% more pulling force than rival products when goods have to be pulled in from an extended position.

When you use an electric truck, energy consumption is very important. Thus, e-l-m telescopic forks are designed to consume up to 20% less energy in daily operation. In practical tests, the TFP showed an operation time of 8 hours compared to rival products with only 6 hours of operation time. This can be a decisive factor, for example in cases where trucks are used on work shifts with fewer cost-increasing battery changes per day.

The TFP telescopic forks are available in models with up to 5t capacity and in varying lengths according to customer requirements. All fork sizes fit into EUR pallets.


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Telescopic Forks Type TFP

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