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Load Extender Type GS

Load Extender Type GS The Load Extender type GS pushes the load forward so that loading and unloading can take place from the same side of a truck, for instance.

  • Loading from one side of a vehicle
  • High efficiency
  • Many applications

The Load Extender gives you the opportunity to push the load forward in front of the forklift truck, making it possible to load/unload from one side of the vehicle.

The Load Extender GS can be used together with forks, clamps or other kinds of equipment in order to accommodate a specific demand for a long reach and flexibility.

The construction of the attachment gives the forklift truck driver a perfect view and at the same time it is very user-friendly.

The e-l-m Load Extender has a very solid construction, making it possible to use the load extender when telescopic forks cannot be used.


Load Extender Type GS

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