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HFPF with Low Profile Telescopic Forks for RT, Hook-on

HFPF with Low Profile Telescopic Forks for RT, Hook-on Hook-on fork positioner with high load capacity - designed for Low Profile forks for handling Low Profile pallets on Reach trucks.

  • Precise and quiet operation with pin type HFPF fork positioner
  • Combination unit, making the Reach truck multi-flexible
  • Sideshift, fork positioner and hydraulic telescoping of forks in the same unit
  • Extra low profile forks for handling Low Profile pallets

The e-l-m combination of fork positioner and low profile telescopic forks for handling paper pallets and loading ledges is unique.

Allows you to access double stack pallet racks and efficiently load/unload a truck from one side with forks that hydraulically move the load to the desired position. You will not need to change between regular pallet unit and the hook-on fork extensions for different tasks.

The unit includes the best qualities of the HFPF fork positioner and the TFS telescopic forks - converted into a unique design that can handle Low Profile pallets.

Similar to the other telescopic fork models, the telescopic forks are fully integrated into the fork positioner without tubes, which may become pinched or impair the visibility of the unit.

The combination unit of the ELM can offer the market's highest load capacity, and the strong low-profile telescopic forks ensure that it is the Reach truck's load diagram that sets the dimensions of the load capabilities.

HFPF with Low Profile Telescopic Forks for RT, Hook-on

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