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HFPF with Low Profile Forks for RT, Hook-on

HFPF with Low Profile Forks for RT, Hook-on Hook-on fork positioner with very high load capacities - designed with unique consideration for the forklift driver's vision.

Delivered with special Low Profile forks for handling Low Profile pallets. For Reach truck.

  • Precise and silent operation
  • Excellent visibility
  • Low operating costs and trouble-free operation
  • High load capacity
  • Extra low profile forks for handling Low Profile pallets

Hook-on fork positioner focusing on precision and silent operation.

HFPF provides optimal visibility in all conditions. Tubes, pipes and valves have been removed from the field of vision, and together with the clear-view mast, this affords the driver good visibility and high efficiency.

The extra-thin low-profile forks are a characteristic of this model, making it unique in the sense that it is possible to handle goods not supported by a traditional pallet.

The forks are custom-built to handle goods that are only supported by loading ledges, goods on paper pallets and all other common pallet systems.

Read more about Low Profile pallets here.

HFPF with Low Profile Forks for RT, Hook-on

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