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Push Unit with Pallet Backstop Type HPH6-12

Push Unit with Pallet Backstop Type HPH6-12 The Push Unit Type HPH6-12, is designed for pushing goods off pallets.

  • Designed with optimal view
  • Supplied with in-built sideshift as standard 
  • Careful and steady push-off movement
  • Designed to push goods off the pallet
  • ISO 2328 mounting

The HPH6-12 is designed with recesses on the front plate, enabling the safe transport of goods and ensuring a top-class work environment.

The HPH6-12 is supplied with in-built sideshift as standard, which makes the truck operator’s work easier and ensures precise placing of the pallets.

The steady push movement prevents the goods from being damaged.

The HPH6-12 is built with 2 forks, which can be moved hydraulically to support the pallet.

When the goods are pushed off the pallet, the forks move out and "lock" the pallet with the backstop, ensuring that the goods are pushed off and the pallet remains on the unit.

The unit is supplied with ISO 2328 mounting to fit all truck makes.



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Push Unit with Pallet Backstop Type HPH6-12

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