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Rotator 360° Type RE

Rotator 360° Type RE The Rotator Type RE with 360° rotation for unloading containers, vessels, boxes or other types of containers.


  • Quiet and steady rotation
  • High quality
  • Reduces manual work
  • Danfoss engine that ensures quality and global service
  • Watertight sealing on worm, worm wheel and bearings

The Rotator Type RE is the obvious choice when you need to unload containers, vessels, boxes or other types of containers.

Type RE is available in many variants, sizes and fork bar width dimensions.

The rotator can be used with standard forks or combined with other attachments, for example clamps, fork positioners, sideshift or other special attachments.

Common to all rotators is the worm gear design that ensures a quiet and steady rotation free of vibrations. At the same time, a small lost load centre is made possible, resulting in high residual capacity for goods transportation.

e-l-m rotators are all of a high and robust quality which ensures problem-free operation and low costs.


Rotator 360° Type RE

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