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Hydraulic Rotator with Eccentric Swing

Hydraulic Rotator with Eccentric Swing Crucible rotator for metal foundries.

Molten pools require very careful handling, so it is a good idea for the truck operator to have a control lever at hand, which can be activated, to empty crucibles containing molten pools.

e-l-m’s crucible rotator is based on eccentric rotation of the crucible, so the crucible’s spout does not change position during emptying. With simple activation of the control lever, the crucible can be emptied when placing also needs to be precise.

Traditional rotators, where the rotation is typically in the centre of the unit (and crucible), requires continuous adjustment of the sideshift when emptying, in order to maintain the position of the spout. In other words, the operator has to operate two hydraulic functions during emptying.

e-l-m’s crucible rotator enables highly precise emptying, for which the operator needs only to move forwards to the position where the crucible is to be emptied.

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Hydraulic Rotator with Eccentric Swing

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