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e-l-m Wireless - 2nd Edition

e-l-m Wireless - 2nd Edition Wireless gives you an opportunity to add an extra hydraulic function to the truck. NB. This model is strictly supplied as factory fitted equipment.

e-l-m Wireless is a wireless solution that makes it possible to add an extra hydraulic function to the existing system of the truck. 

Without mounting a hose reel, wire reel or magnet valve, it is possible to increase the functionality of the truck with an extra function for operating attached devices such as fork positioners, telescopic forks, rotators etc.

This e-l-m Wireless model is an option – and can only be sold with new products as a factory assembly. The solution contains a total package where e-l-m Wireless is mounted in a bridge on the attachment, designed for good protection and not least, a good view for the truck driver.

The system is easy to use in everyday life because access to the battery is easy and on-hand operation. The intelligent charging system and the extra battery make high uptime and long life of batteries possible.

Usually, the system is supplied with telescopic forks, when there is a need for an extra function. But the system can be used for many other purposes and enables advanced solutions that satisfy the customer’s need.


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e-l-m Wireless - 2nd Edition

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By mounting the Wireless Powerpack, you have the opportunity to add an extra hydraulic function to the truck without extra hoses and wires.

The Integrated Fork Positioner is supplied with telescopic forks which provide an optimal balance between view, solid construction and flexibility.

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